Cash Fee Schedule

For insurance billing inquiries, please contact our billing department at 858.565.4877.

Cash pay prices for those patients either without medical insurance coverage, or choosing not to use their coverage are listed in the Cash Fee Schedule below. These prices are only offered when payment is made in full at the time of service and no insurance coverage will be billed by San Diego Imaging. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cash, Check, or Credit Card Accepted


Cash Fee Schedule
Cardiac Studies    
CCTA – Coronary CT Angiography    $ 700.00
Coronary Calcium Scoring CT   $ 165.00
CT Studies    
Without Contrast    $ 300.00
With Contrast    $ 360.00
CT Abdomen and Pelvis without Contrast   $ 400.00
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with Contrast   $ 460.00
CT Angiography (CTA)    $ 360.00
CT Virtual Colonoscopy    $ 600.00
3D Rendering on any exam Additional  $ 80.00
Each additional CT or CTA, same visit Additional  $ 160.00
DEXA – Bone Density    $ 120.00
Fluoroscopic General Procedures   $ 200.00
Injectable Medications    
Hyalgan    $ 125.00
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)    $ 300.00
Joint Injections under Image-Guidance    
Arthrocentesis Large Joint   $ 180.00
Arthrocentesis Large Joint Bilateral   $ 260.00
Lung Cancer Screening    
Low-Dose CT Lung Screening**   $ 200.00
**must meet criteria for age and history    
MRI Studies    
MRI or MRA without Contrast    $ 480.00
MRI or MRA without and with Contrast    $ 560.00
Each additional MRI or MRA, same visit Additional  $ 240.00
PET/CT Studies    $ 1,650.00
*Cost may vary depending upon the pharmaceuticals administered    
Spinal Injections under Image-Guidance    
First Level    $ 470.00
Additional Level, same visit Additional  $ 170.00
Ultrasound Studies    
Ultrasound, each study    $ 250.00
OB Ultrasound    $ 200.00
OB Ultrasound with additional gestation Additional  $ 100.00
Varicose Vein (per vein)    
Consult and Ultrasound (both legs)    $ 200.00
Endovenous Laser Treatment***    $ 2,700.00
***includes: laser treatment, follow-up visit    
Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment (per session)   $ 600.00
Women’s Studies    
Screening Mammogram    $ 140.00
Diagnostic Mammogram    $ 180.00
Breast Ultrasound (dedicated to area of concern)    $ 120.00
Hysterosalpingogram     $450.00
Mammogram/ Tomosynthesis Screening     $210.00
Mammogram/ Tomosynthesis Diagnostic     $275.00
X-Ray (per body part)    $ 100.00


PLEASE NOTE: Some diagnostic exams require multiple procedures or exams to be performed. The below listing of cash pay prices reflect a single procedure cost. To get your total you must add all applicable procedures. Also note There are separate charges for each body part scanned/imaged


Patients covered by Health Insurance Plans

San Diego Imaging is contracted with many insurance carriers and is required to submit claims for covered imaging studies per contractual and plan agreements. Billing to insurance plans is based upon Global Fee Schedules and contractual plan agreements with each insurance company and does not reflect our Cash Fee Schedule.


Patients’ Plan Deductible & Co-Payments

All patient Deductibles and Co-Payments will apply as outlined and determined by the patient’s individual insurance plan. Unmet Deductibles and Co-Payments will be billed to each patient and are the patient’s responsibility for payment to San Diego Imaging. Deductibles and Co-Payments may not be reduced or waived.


For a complete list of our insurance contracts, please click here.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call our billing office at 858.565.4877.