Joint Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) produces exceptionally clear, detailed images, making it the preferred exam for joints, such as the knee, hip, shoulder, wrist and ankle.

If the patient’s ordering physician orders Magnetic Resonance Arthrography, this involves two steps.  The San Diego Imaging physician or physician assistant will first inject a small amount of a contrast material into the effected joint under Ultrasound or Fluoroscopy guidance. The patient is then transported to the MRI suite and the MRI scan is completed.  The contrast material used for MR evaluation, gadolinium, outlines the structures within the joint, such as cartilage, ligaments and bones and allows them to be evaluated in detail by the radiologist after the MR images are produced.

For MR Arthrograms: At our Kearny Mesa center, we provide the image guidance injection for MRI contrast in conjunction with Sharp and Children’s MRI Center, which has a MRI suite conveniently next door.

Joint Imaging is performed at the following San Diego Imaging outpatient centers:

San Diego Imaging – Chula Vista
San Diego Imaging – Kearny Mesa